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Sungmin hyung hid his eyes this time. I don’t understand. He has quite a handsome face originally.
- Eunhyuk @ MAMACITA Press Conference (cr: elf_ninida)
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Ladies and gentlemen. Our Super Junior


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eunhyukee44: MAMACITA !!! Digital release tonight at 0AM!!!!!!!!!! (c)

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The pain in Kangin’s expression was too real. He really, truly loved that watermelon.

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daylight robbery or excuse to grope sungmin?

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Fabulous Ming (◕‿◕✿)

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@ryeong9: 우리 E.L.F. 들 조심히 돌아가요 !!!! 녹화 때 행복했어요 ♡ 내일 뮤직뱅크에서 만나요 !! 1시간 뒤 우리 앨범 듣고 꿀잠자기 캬캬

@ryeong9: Our E.L.F., go home safely !!!! I was happy during the recording ♡ See you at music bank tomorrow !! Listen to our album an hour later and have a great sleep, kyakya (cr)

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kim ryeowook, the gambling barber.

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PD asked fans to keep quiet. Then SJ started leading fans to make noise



Cr: 阿飘_everyday好开心

our relationship in one sentence.