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Sungmin was amused at Teukie worrying because, he was already shown by Hyukjae on the screen that they won.

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A few things that should be admired in this picture…

1) Kyuhyun’s split
2) Sungmin’s bed hair
3) Ryeowook the donghae fanboy
4) EunHae’s poker faces
5) Leeteuk’s, Kangin’s and Shindong’s “let’s get this over with” smile
6) Heechul’s Diva stance
7) Siwon’s “Smile, God Loves Us”

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Hae, Kagin, Teukie and Siwon singing their names in Mamacita lyrics (x)

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I think we all got a little bit more gay this year

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Want to do what most with Kyu?


2)red wine

3)Act in musical tgt

4)Subunit like D&E Min chose #2!

(Cr: 曺太太v:elf-ninida)

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